Secretary’s Message

I warmly welcome all the viewers of this website. It’s a proud moment for me to speak about my father, Mr.B.M.NAGAPPA with whose footsteps, I would like to carry forward my responsibilities.

B.M.N SCHOOL has a focused approach to become a leading School since its inception. B.M.N.P.S aims at helping students to become independent learners by facilitating the acquisition of knowledge, skills and confidence that are necessary to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s work place. We believe in making a child a better person than an educated person.

B.M.N PUBLIC SCHOOL has completed its ninth successful year.  This has been possible with the strong support of our teachers, parents, students and administrative staff. Their achievements remind me of the responsibilities shouldered on us by the parents of the students who dream of the day when they will be recognized by their ward’s name and the achievements.

We will also continuously strive towards building up of an organization with a global vision and to give back to the society what we got from them through the means of education.

Recent News

"In its broadest sense, learning can be defined as a process of progressive change from ignorance to knowledge, from inability to competence.


Children who grow up in stimulating, emotionally supportive, highly verbal, and protective environments

Notice Board

Our community embraces international diversity and strives to provide an academically challenging environment in order to foster intellectual curiosity and a sense of responsibility.

To fully educate the whole person, we are committed to cultivating lifelong learners and balanced, service-oriented citizens, who are thereby prepared to positively contribute in a globally competitive world.